Friday, May 07, 2010

Casey and medical update

I know its been awhile... being bored is hard. I'm walking with a cane now and finally driving. Hard to keep a woman housebound. Any excuse will do. Finally moved back upstairs to my bedroom.. stairs are still a little hard but its getting better. Still doing physical doctor appointment in September.. and hopefully back to work.
Since my lab, Smokey, died, its been hard for me to get over ... and I needed something to keep me busy... well.. say hello to Casey.. she's a lab/pit mix.. 3 months old.and spoiled rotten. She's loveable, cuddley. and is very easy to train. She gets along with Jennie the cattle dog, and Lucky, my son's pit/lab puppy. She's very socialable and friendly, stays by my side, comes when I call.I picked a good one this time.
I get lots of exercize with her.. we walk everyday.. which helps in my therapy too.
Last weekend I attended the 3rd annual WNY splitcoast stampers event ... what a great time.
I'm going to start scanning a few things, you can see what we made.
so come back tomorrow for the first one.

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