Thursday, March 25, 2010


First my physical therapy. Yipes. Range of motion not there, yet. Still hurts. Got new inserts for my sneakers.. they are supposed to help,, don't seem to be.. but whatever.

Yesterday, I spent the day at "work" visiting with teachers and aides and kids, and sat with my supervisor for a few minutes too. Good to see everyone... and hopefully I'll get to Spring Fling in May. Graduation is coming up,, and I think I;m going to miss it this year. We'll see.

Still working on swaps for the 3rd annual Splitcoaststamper event in Buffalo,NY. Since Syracuse regional was cancelled, most of the swaps are done.. just need to make a few more 6x6 receipe swaps, and SU only swaps. I'll probably post those after the event in May.

Anyone here on facebook??

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