Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Well, we're back. After driving for 7 hours,It was raining when we got there,. We had to wait for the rain to stop to set up tent. Just in time , cause it started rainging again, for another 2 days. Friday afternoon, Julie and I had pedicures for the 4th... we had our toes painted red white and blue .... then, Friday nite it cleared up in time for fireworks in Middlebourgh... awesome show. Saturday it was gorgeous and the family picnic was on... we had a good time... family, friends and food... it was an all day affair... we got back to Audrey's about 10:30pm... more fireworks but by 11 they were done. Sunday was a trip to the Bourne Canal on Cape Cod. The canal is man-made 100 years old. It cuts thru land to connect to the bay on the other side, making it easier for ships and freighters instead of going all the way around the Cape to the bay and ocean.

We stopped for dinner at the Lobster Pot... no I didn't get lobster,, the price was out of my budget. But the baked haddock was delicious. We stopped at a souvenier shop to buy little trinkets for Kaylee.

Monday morning we had to wait for the tent to dry,, packed up and headed out by 9am. I'm sure Audrey and Julie are glad to see us leave...7 hours later, I'm home,, back to same ol' same ol'!

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