Monday, July 06, 2009

1st Sunshine Stamper's Summer Fest

The first card is a card sent to me by my VC(virtual convention) Rocks roomie, Sue Schemp. She lives in Oregon , on Puget Sound. Being members of the VC Rocks group, we get matched up with someone in the group that matches your interests. Sue and I have so much in common, its unbelieveable.! Any, Sue should have received her box by now,, but I'm on my home from Cape Cod, but I'm writing this the week before I left. So I don't know if she received it yet or not.... hmm...
THe beautiful blue card was made by Ann Thanks Ann.. If i remember correctly your arm was in a cast at the event... hope all is well now!
And the sunset card... just lovely.. . I think I'd better break out my brayer... how pretty is that card....

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