Friday, July 10, 2009

Beeswax Sample

This technique is so easy. I learned it the Splitcoaststampers Event in Clarence, NY in May.

You have to use GLOSSY PAPER

Here are the directions and supplies:

* The prettiest paper napkins you can find, save a couple... I got these in MA.

* Block of Beeswax NOT PARAFIN

* Aluminum pie pans

* Craft Iron ( I used my old one,, almost threw it out) If you use your iron that you iron your clothes with, don't plan on using it again after you've done this technique... So go use your coupon at either acmoore or joannesetc and get a little one. cause that wax does not come off easily.

* Lots of newspapers or that paper from the SU box.

* Stazon ink

* GLOSSY PAPER 5" x 3.75"

Plug in your iron, heat it up to medium high. Take your pretty paper napkin and separate the layers, they are usually 2 layer napkins, pretty design on one piece. Cut a piece of the design bigger than your cardstock and decide what part you want on your card. Take that piece and lay it down away from your glossy paper. Now take your iron and run it over the beeswax, then iron your cardstock-completely covering the cardstock with beeswax, it dries fast, but thats ok,, gives you a chance to reheat and move it around

Do the same thing with your napkin....covering it with beeswax.

Peel the napkin off the newspaper and lay it on your cardstock and reheat with your iron. Its hot, but dries pretty fast...

You can either cut off the extra napkin hanging off the cardstock with your paper cutter or fold it over and heat it on the back.

To attach it to another pieces of cardstock, use the thin glue dots, its the only thing that the wax sticks to .. I used colored bads just in case.

More samples coming soon.

Have a great weekend.

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