Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm back

SO!... We spent our weekend at our country estate.... ummm.. ok cabin in the woods... ok,, one room cabin in the woods... but doesn't country estate sound better?
Saturday was chicken dinner in Lyndon... yummm... I love their chicken dinner..! It was so good! Sid is a great chicken barbequer.
Anway, the weather was gorgeous... warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky! Kaylee had a great time. Her and I slept in the tent Saturday nite. Of course I didn't sleep well, but I did snooze! She on the other hand slept like a log! Kaylee never heard the low flying commuter jet coming in for a landing at Olean airport.. less then 2 miles away! Theres an airport beacon on our property so we get a lot of little prop planes flying around... but the jet was very low. Steve said there were a couple of low flying army planes going by too, on Friday.
It rained a pinch SUnday morning about 4am, but by the time we got up and out it had stopped and was another sunny day. Kay and I took a shopping trip to Olean for a few things... and then we went to Don and Betty's to do some swimming. Kay was in the pond for over an hour! and it wasn't very warm.. but apparently she didn't care.
And of course she played in the water with smokeyjoe, while I talked with Don and Betty and caught up on winter gossip. We went back to the "estate" and she dried off and warmed up, and we planned the rest of our day, which was pretending we were at Hamburg Fair and set up our own games of chance. She got a real kick out of this. When I pooped out, I said it was time for a walk around the park and get some icecream... so of course we cruized into Cuba, for some icecream, pretending the car ride was a roller coaster. It certainly was a nice pretend day.
I did get a call from my BFF celeste.... she said it rained in Florida for 4 days... the streets were flooding and pools had to be drained a little because of too much water.... parts of Disney were even closed because of the rain and the space shuttle had to be re routed to another landing site. Poor Celeste!

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