Saturday, May 30, 2009

End of the Month Catch up.. Welcome back Celeste

Welcome back, Ms Celeste.... and family,,, hope you had a nice trip,, considering all the rain you had.! I'm almost done with your cricut. I want to cut another paper doll for Kaylee and some clothes.
I'll bring it all back during the week.

I had completely forgotten to show everyone the Mothers Day gifts I made for my daughter in law, Erin, and my next door neighbor, Barb. The top one is a note pad and pen and the cards in the middle fit in the little envie bag on the left.
The bottom is a gift bag on the left and the flower pot box on the right filled with what else, but cards for Barb. They both loved their gifts.
Not much else going on here. Yesterday was Spring Fling for our B.O.C.E.'s functionally handicapped high school students. They had a great time,, dancing and eating and just hanging out. It was held at South Towns Academy High school in Hamburg, in their gym. The theme was "Hugs and Kisses". The classes made decorations for the walls, paper chocolate kisses, cookies for the table, vases for the tables, x's and o's to hang on the walls. We even had a D.J. with his sound system, and of course, a dance contest. Our judges were Justine and Mr. Brennen. The winners were... drum roll please.....
Mrs. Cassettas class.
They were awesome! Next year, we may have to pry the trophy out of their hands! Our thanks goes out to the Principal, Mr Braun and all the help he provided by sending some of his students to help with setup and break down afterwards.
Next up is our graduation for our functional high school students. A very nice dinner and awards ceremony is held at Grand Mannor in Clarence.
And after that.. 12 more school days til the end of this year.! Wow, how time flies!

I just finished my swaps for the Clarence Spring event on June 13th, I'll post those tomorrow, and now i'm trying to figure out and finish my swaps for V.C.Rocks (Virtual convention), and my gift for my online virtual roomie, Sue.
Have a great weekend..

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