Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Weather, Cold, Cold, tomorrow, cold cold col

If this is spring,,, something is wrong somewhere.... this surely isn't global warming!
I 'm sitting here in jeans, a t-shirt, 2 sweatshirts, a scarf, a woolen hat and a heating pad wrapped around my neck.... global warming... sure... whatever.
I had gloves on, but I couldn't type with them on... and my fingers are finally warming up....now if only my toes would unfreeze themselves from my 3 PAIRS OF SOCKS....so I could finally feel them.


As soon as I warm up, I'll scan the cards that Celeste and I worked on yesterday.
and post them here.... eventually, cause right now i'm in the middle of colonoscopy prep....so anything can happen at any time.....

Wish me luck....

uhoh.... gotta go

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