Thursday, October 02, 2008

Update on NICKS car

Another week goes by. We put up the tarp over the car so he could work on it in the rain. Nick fiddles and fi-daddles,, changes O2 censors, checks and rechecks, takes it for a drive,,,,, yep, you got it,, still doesnt run right. This goes on for the last 5 days. Driving me crazy and sending Jennie into fits of seizures almost, cause she hates the sound of the car reving up.

I pick him up in the morning, and either take him to work or he brings me home and he takes my car to work, hubby drives me to work, picks up Kay, gets me,, Nick comes after work, same ol, same ol, and the car sits,, not quite up to his expectations. As far as I'm concerned the car could be running and out on the road, but hey,, i'm only the mom and what do I know!
So,, we go on....

but I do have some cards to show you! at least I've been busy.

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