Friday, September 26, 2008

AHH Nick and His Car

I made this card for Nick's 27th birthday on October 13th.,,, hope he likes it.. cause its about as close as he's going to get to his car...... He got this car 3 days before Kaylee was born. He loves this car. It'll be a classic someday. I love the car. Red Camaro Convertible! Come on... how cool is that. I love driving the car... Kay sits in the back and says, Go Gramma,, Go Faster Gramma...she loves daddys fast car, too.

Here's the thing!.... Nick's 1995 Camaro has been sitting in my driveway since May of this year. Its fire engine red, convertible. I drove it once, he drove it for a day. and it technically croaked. Sat in my driveway. So,, he worked on it all summer,, just needed one part to finish it. Today that part was finally delivered! YAHOO.... he came over after work to put the part in,,, plus new oil, antifreeze, all fixed up,, got it started,, rattled my neighbors windows, scared the crap out of Jenni the dog, got smokey joe all excited... yeah,,ITS VERY LOUD BUT the cars running.! Yeah! He fiddled, he banged he fixed! or so he thought. 2 1/2 hours later... He took it around the block for a quick run to clear it out and to see how she sounds.... hhmmm... well ok,, but there was a minor leak, probably overflow antifreeze... pulled the car in,, fiddled around some more,,,, started it and decided to drive it home... he lives 5 minutes away. I pulled my car in - parked way back where the camaro was and was doing the happy dance,,, got my spot back,, yeah,, cars gone... yeah,, firewood can be delivered.. yeah,,, AND 5 minutes after he pulled out of the driveway,, he called his dad.... car's backfiring, missing, sounds horrible... bottom line.....
Lost my spot again,,
oh well.. back to the drawing board.... ! I hope it gets fixed soon... winters coming... I'd hate to have it parked here all winter. If you've seen my driveway, you'd know why.... its a tight squeeze between my house and Barb's.
So, That's the story of Nick and his car... although we love that car.... its a real status symbol... its also a pain in the neck to have it here and not running.
Did i happen to mention that during the summer I'd take the top down and sit in it???? I got a nice tan on my face at least.
they don't call me dzzy for nuthin'!
Have a great weekend!

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