Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Summer Daze

Not much going on today.... its raining,, i'm hoping to get my stamp room cleaned up, then maybe the rest of the house... yeah right.

The weather has been awesome here in w.n.y... except for today, of course.

Hubby and I have been spending our afternoons at the beach. We went to the local state park 2 days ago,,, and that will be the last trip there foreverrrr. For the price we paid to get in, I could have stayed home and heard all the yelling and screaming kids in the neighborhood for free.! Not only that, you're allowed to bring in as many people as you can fit in a car... so yes there were a lot of kids screaming, and parents yelling...not my idea of a quiet afternoon at the beach.... so yesterday, we went to a quiet little free beach in Evans... a diamond in the ruff..a lost to speak. very few people, kids, no yelling no screaming, no crying,,, just peace and quiet... and yep,, i got a sun burn... but it was worth it,, it was a free day at the beach. Hardly anyone knows about this beach, so i ain't gonna tell ya where it is.... neener neener neener.... not to mention lunch at Connors!... yumm..

And as soon as the rain stops,,, i'll be heading back out there again.

I spent last weekend, July 4th, at our cabin... alone... almost alone,, I brought Smokeyjoe. It was very quiet out there,,, no neighbors, no fire works... no cars, no traffic... very peaceful. I did have a very nice short visit with Don and Betty and arnold... but after that it was quiet... so quiet infact, i took naps on the hammock.! Did a little fishing at Case Lake,,, but mostly just laying around doing nuthin, honey!

Hubby will be heading out there tomorrow, I'll be going out Friday, with Kaylee for fireworks on Saturday nite... Joe up the hill and his friends and of course half the town of Lyndon, will be coming down for the show.... Snyder Road, Lyndon, NY... Its gonna be a doozie.

I love those lazy hazy days of summer!

Hope your summer is going as well as mine.

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