Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jennie the cattle dog, on being a dog

If you look at the bottom of my blog, you can see a pic of Jennie the cattle dog, on being a dog. Yeah, OK! And if any one doesn't know the story of how we got Jennie,, let me refresh your memory.
On a field trip with a class, we went to the ASPCA... I saw Jennie, adopted her..after 4 trips, back and forth to the SPCA,, hubby and I finally brought her home the same day... well, if anyone knows anything about Australian Cattle dogs,,let me fill you in... they are primarily a herding dog... sheep, cattle, horses, kids, dogs, cats, squirrels, anything being towed by a car, boats, buses, UPS trucks, motorcycles, bikes, skateboards, skaters, birds, ducks, ants, leaves, you name she'll chase it...So we invested in the invisible fence, Jennie wears the collar all the time outside, which worked fine until yesterday, WHEN THE UPS TRUCK turned the corner and she took off for the truck,, ran thru the electrical fence, under the ups truck, down lyn street, across busy Ridge road. Hubby was chasing her - lost sight of her and couldn't find her. I'm in my car cruizing around the neighborhood yelling for her,,, and she was finally "caught" by a nice enough couple who called my cell fone to let me that they had her... finally... another lady told me hubby was running down the side street,, he just missed the dog.... anyway... i answered the fone, the lady said she had jennie and i told her to look for my car,,, 2 houses away,,,, I got jennie in the car, and they said she just missed getting hit by a car....... so Jenni is now home safe and sound... I called the fence company and had them UP THE SHOCK ON THE COLLAR. She normally won't go near the fence,, she knows her boundaries, but with adrenalin running, heart pumping she never felt the shock.... Hopefully the next time the shock will stop her.


The calendar says its July 3rd.... but the weather sure isn't cooperating!..
Last nite, my neighbor and I went to the Buffalo Philharmonic concert in the park at the Botanical Gardens. What a great concert. The weather actually held out for the entire performance. Didn't rain til today. The BPO had asked Lackawanna School district if they could use the high school auditorium if the weather was bad....Good thing the weather held out too, cause I don't think that
3000 people could have been packed into the aud. Yep... at least 3000 people were sitting on the front lawn of the gardens... snacking, sipping, and listening to the orchestra.... the music was beautiful... could hear it all over the park and most of Lackawanna. We had to leave a few minutes early,, but we totally enjoyed the evening in the park.

Other than that, I've been home, cleaning(?), stamping, puting, walking the dogs, and reading... ... oh don't forget eating......!

I'm working on some thank you cards for my neighbors birthday present, and then I have to find a suitable baby thankyou card for my hairdressers babyshower. If I haven't mentioned this before, Julie is having twins.. a boy and a girl...and I promised her a pak of thankyou cards for the shower. If anyone has any ideas or samples i can check out, please send me an email at Thanks in Advance.

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