Sunday, July 11, 2010

get - a-way

I needed a break.. long overdue.. had to get a-way.. So, my granddaugter Kaylee and I drove to Norton MA, on Monday, July 5th..! Took a long time to get there, 9 hours, due to traffic. But we finally made it to Aunt Audreys in Norton Massachusettes.
I slept in the tent in the backyard at Audreys, while Kaylee slept in the house.
On Tuesday, we went on a Whale Watch out of Plymouth MA. Big ship,, lots of kids on a camp field trip.. saw lots of whales.. just awesome... mom's with calves, one did a spy hop, and another did a breach.. unusual to actually see them breach in ocean. We were just east of Selwygen Bay. It was so awesome.

On Wednesday, we went to Onset Beach.... on the ocean. Warm waters, cool breezes....
Then home on Thursday,,, and the trip home only took 7 1/5 hours.. which is normal drive time.
The temperature all week was in the mid 90's. and very humid but sleeping in the tent was very comfortable....I actually had blankets on...!
Anyway, it was nice to get away, and visit my hubbys relatives

This pic was taken when we got on the boat at Plymouth,,, from left to right, Audrey, Julie and myself, and kaylee in the front. Kaylee also got to see Plymouth Rock, and the Mayflower. I think she had a good time,, you'll have to ask her yourself.. although she said she'll never go again, ...too long of a ride...!

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