Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day, Ya'll

I made this for Julie, my friend and hairdresser for almost 30years....she's a new mom, with a set of twins, Serena and Tristan. The set includes a set of cards and notepad and penset. The item on the left is a small gift bag made out of an oversize envelope.. I covered it in different designer paper. I got the idea for the envelope from a swap I received along time ago,, so thanks to whomever you are, there was no name on the swap item. I made this for my daughter in law for mothers day. The same envelope idea except I used a white lunch bag cut down to an appropriate size, covered in DSDpaper. The item on the left is a flower pot card. The front has the topnote die folded in half with a flower on it and inside it says Happy Mothers day.
When the pot is opened the flowers pop out kinda, and its filled with lottery scratch off tickets. I hope she wins,, !

Did mention the weather is crappy! Temps went from the 70's on Friday, to high 40's today.. rain, cloudy.... oh well,, this is Buffalo, NY,, don't blink your eyes, cause in 10 minutes it will allllllll change again.!
Happy Mothers Day Everyone! Enjoy your day, do lots of whatever you want, expecially stampin!
My son and his wife are taking me out to dinner,, and the restaurant is a surprize... so wish me luck! I'm sure Nick will pick a good one!

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