Friday, January 30, 2009

Love You Much

These are the last of my Love You Much cards.

Feel free to CASE any.

Just mention my name or blog on your site.

Right now I'm working on 3 projects... Valentine boxes for friends at school, another set of samples for Sudsol, and of course TAXES!!! How much do I hate getting paperwork together? Just like everyone else,, I HATE IT.

SO,, keep coming back for more samples next week, as soon as I get my taxes paper together , this weekend I hope, I'll start on my next project.

One more thing,,, gotta tell ya my winter adventure the other day. Living in Buffalo we get snow. I know thats an understatement. Well this is the first time in 30 years I actually got stuck...1 BLOCK from home. This happened wednesday,,,, the streets weren't plowed all day,,, I left school at 3:15, I live 5 minutes from school... turned into the first sidestreet heading for home, and my front end of my car went one way, and the back end went the other... I should have just left my car in the neighbors driveway,,, but,,, I called hubby, 1 block over to come push me out... he brought the truck.. in the mean time there was amini bus, a pick and a car waiting to get by me... well good luck with that...finally hubby came with truck, pulled in behind me and pushed me home...around the block to our house and into the driveway, USING 4 WHEEL DRIVE the whole time. Yep, streets were that bad... I got into the drive way, and left the car where it stopped... checked out my back bumper,,, only blue scrapes from his truck... I couldn't see any cracks in bumper, so it should be ok. Altogether it took me 25minutes to get home from work...the snowplows finally came by around 5:30 that nite to do the streets. On top of all of this my kid wanted me to pick up Kay from school... uh, NO! I'm a little stuck!

Yesterday, I took the truck to work... today,, I'll take my car, and see how bad it is.. I'm only going to the high school 4 minutes away. But then we looked outside and guess what,,, I'm taking the truck. Better safe than sorry.

Wish me luck!

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