Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pockett Silhouettes

SOrry I haven't been posting lately. Going thru a little depression. Probably cause I hate winter....
But i gotta tell some of you know, I live just over the Buffalo city line in New York... just off the I90 thruway. On monday morning, at 4.30am, my dogs started barking like the dickens.... I ran downstairs, cause apparently my husband doesn't hear them.... and told them to shut the heck up.... crawled back upstairs to bed and looked out my window, and lo and behold the objects of their loud barking were 2 deer walking down the middle of the street... looking around, just moseying along in the darkness thru the snow.... they were so beautiful.. both were does.
So,, i get home this afternoon, and hubby says, i bet you didn't see the deer tracks behind your car!!!.... well, i wouldn't have in the dark.... but anyway,, the tracks moseyed around our backyard, the neighbors backyard and headed in the direction of the thruway....theres a section of woods linning the thruway where the deer live. Maybe tomorrow morning I'll get up early and watch for the deer.
On another topic...Kaylee got an Easy Bake Oven for christmas, and she brought it over last weekend... with some mixes. SO we made a little flat cake for grampas birthday... she was was grampa,, but not enuf for gramma.... so i went grocery shopping and picked up a cake mix and frosting...and yep you guessed it... we made some more little cakes...
I used about a half cup of cake mix, about 2 tablespoons of applesause, mixed it up and sprayed the little pans,, spooned about 4 heaping tablespoons of batter in each pan and made 4 little layers...Kaylee frosted 2 of them together, put some candles in and sang Happy Birthday to Grampa.... these were much better than the stuff that comes with the oven. And Gramma didn't get any of those either,,, Kaylee took them home for mom and dad.
That was my weekend with Kaylee.... something she'll remember, anyway.
Oh and lets all cross our fingers for another snow day tomorrow and friday...

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