Sunday, December 28, 2008

Screwey Weather

Yep, weird weather... yesterday in the 60's all day,, this morning 65' this afternoon 30' with winds 40-50 mile per hour... if you were watching the Bills game, yep they lost again, you'd have seen the goal posts bent over, the football veering off course, the roof of field house ripped.. and cars with broken windows from force of the wind... can't wait for rest of the week.

Due to a glitch in ordering system, you can order the Love youmuch bundle only thru me... by calling or emailing me anytime, by January 15th. ....for some reason customers can't order online.. .... but you will be automatically registered for my Love you much Stamp camp on January 31. Or come to the stamp camp at my house, price per person is $25.oo. Bring your Love you much bundle at no extra charge.
We'll be making AT LEAST 4 cards with your new stamp set, and the items in your bundle. Fun!! WOW...
So, call or email me anytime by the 15th of January!

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