Sunday, December 14, 2008

Laura's stamp club was today. Boy what fun! These are what we made. If you notice, the tree, the snowman, and the angel were made using punches. They are so cute,, of course mine are juusstttt a little different than the others. Mostly because I don't follow directions... or lets just say, I do it my way.
First is Rene' Reindeer.... the female counterpart of Rudolph....cause I wanted the eyelashes on the eyelids, not on the sides... she's cute ain't she...!???

Now if you look closely at the angel...... those are supposed to be her lips,, ok so they are a little over done,, and she has mascara on, and distinctive eyebrows....
HEY!!!... its my interpretation... she got caught going thru moms makeup!... so she ain't so innocent.... I won't tell you what we called her,, but I bet you can guess?
we had fun needless to say!
Have a great week, more next week.

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