Friday, December 19, 2008

Hubby went out to our place in the country to cut down a Christmas tree for us and our son. He came home with 2 ya gotta remember that these trees were not grown to be Christmas trees,,, these are pine trees! actually the tops of pine trees.... one was pretty full, and one was kinda spindley... hubby said pick which one you want... and yep,, I picked the spindly tree... its a Charlie Brown tree.. Kaylee came over for a look see and said it was kinda weird.. I put lites on it,, and Kaylee helped pick out ornaments... In our family, its a "but its a NICE tree".... long story, and I was kinda young when it happened in our family.
Anyway, This is my charlie brown christmas tree. Hubby may not have gotten a deer but he got 2 trees.!!!

We got hit with that snowstorm today,,,, all of western New York got a snow day. OUR FIRST for the year... a nice long weekend before Christmas. We got about 6 inches of snow so far,, nothing like the 8 feet we got 5 years ago...
Did I mention that snowblowing in Buffalo is an Olympic event? Temp is only in the 20's so i imagine there are a few of them out there dressed for the weather,, then again those die hards are in their shorts and sweats... This is winter in Buffalo, we deal with it.

Q. Anyone know the difference between a dollar bill and the Buffalo Bills????

A. You can still get 4 quarters out of a dollar.
At least I won the football pool last week, even if they did lose!

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