Thursday, November 06, 2008


Hi all!
My girlfriend, Juli, gave birth to a set of twins on Monday, by c-section! A boy, Tristan, and a girl, Serena. I went up to the hospital last nite to see her and the babies! Serena was in the room with her... and I got to hold her, and squeeze her, and kiss, and love her all over and I even got to feed her. She is adorable,, little tiny itsy bitsy thing.. she arrived weighing in at 5lbs 11oz. My Nick weighed less, and as I was holding Serena, I didn't remember Nick being so tiny.
Tristan was still in an incubator.. he came in weighing 4lbs 9 but has blood sugar level issues, not life threatening, being treated. Hopefully he'll come home with mom and dad on Friday.
I'm the designated honorary Gramma. Julie's mom lives about 10 minutes away, and I live almost across the street... and you know I'll be there more than the "other "gramma... cause if anyone knows me and Kaylee,,, you know I will be there, with Kay of course.

SO... thats it... my news.

I'm having the Christmas Card and gift packaging class next week. $25.00/person. I have openings left.. come on over and join me and friends for a girls nite out of stamping...check my Stampin'UP! demonstrator website for more info, clik on events.

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