Friday, July 25, 2008

A Walk In The Park

So, I take my lab, smokey, to the park for mine and his ususal walk. I park, get him out of car, take 4 steps from car, and a cop car goes by me going the wrong way around the park,(park is one way). So I'm walking another 10 steps, watching the cop car,,, and this kid walks up to me and asks for directions.... as I'm watching the cop car, its light bar now flashing, the kid walks away from me, cops pull up, guns drawn, start chasing the kid!!!! Holy cow!!! I head for the nearest tree....cops chase the kid...up to Ridge Road, I hear more cop cars and sirens... in the mean time the cop car is parked, engine running, doors concerned citizen,,, the doors get closed,, no i didn't shut the car off.. hey... I only go so far.....a few of the daily walkers stood by the cop car -its still running.. and about 6 minutes later here come 6 cops walking down into the park... they caught the kid... miracle of miracles... now they are looking for something.... and of course, i ask what .... and one of them says,, A GUN!!!.. ok.. i'm done.... finished my short walk for the day....I ain't looking for no gun!!!
If only the rest of summer ain't so exciting!

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