Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I havent' been blogging lately... I'm trying to get my mojo working. Between work, which I called in sick today,,, just the usual... upset tummy, sore thoat, etc and trying to keep things going here... its been a really long week.

So , Spring may have sprung,, the last few days,,, its been gorgeous,, but today its raining, with a huge thunderclap and storm...and MORE SNOW IS EXPECTED OVER THE WEEKEND... sure, and I;m on vacation next week.... gee... go figure.

Anyway,, today, I cleaned my desk, and at some point I'm going to scan and upload the cards I received in a swap with Stampin'Connie.... I just haven't had the time to do it yet... but I will.

In the mean time,,,, How about that one up there?
Ok,, if its going to be thundering and lightening, I guess I'd better shut down before puter gets zapped.

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