Thursday, January 31, 2008

Storms. Blizzards, school closings.

Yesterday was our January blizzard. Exactly 31 years ago this week, we were in the grips of the blizzard of '77. A wind whipped Lake Erie, blasted western New York in a storm that killed 29 people, and lasted for at least a week. I was home in front of my blazing fireplace watching "ROOTS". Schools, businesses of all types were closed for the 5 days. People stranded in cars on the skyway, thruway, local streets. But, I was warm and cozy. My hubby of 2 years was driving a snow plow and only showed up at home to drop off 6 puppies to keep me company and head back out to snowplow for the city. We kept the puppies for a week and found homes for 5 of them,, we kept one, of course, jackie, who lived to a ripe old age of 19.

Yesterday, January 30th, we had another storm. Not quite the one of 1977 stature, but enuf to close schools because of 60 mph winds, lake water rising causing flooding, and leaving 45,000 people without electricity. Us being one of many,,, and fortunately I had my wood stove to keep me warm and a good book to keep me company... and of course stamping. Electricity came back on around 5:30pm and life centered around the t.v. again.

Anyway,,,, here are a few cards that I finished while I still had daylite to work on them

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