Saturday, November 10, 2007

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I'm kinda busy lately, thats why i haven't posted for a while. Work and all ya know.

Hubby's on vacation, its archery season, don'tcha know. And we all know how I feel about deer season. Anyway, I'm home this weekend, while hubby is away... just a little peace and quite. Until he RETIRES!!!! that is. Yep... January '08 is when he'll be home for good.... oh boy, I can't wait. I've told him that I'm planning on sending him to Tops cooking classes,,, Potter Road Boces for classes on being a handyman.... you know... painting, installing, the usual puttering around things around the house that need to be done... gotta keep him busy some how. Of course, I'll be working... so he'll have to do something around the house, beside click the remote.! and make dinner at 3pm.....

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