Sunday, March 03, 2013

 What a week for this computer.. first the hard drive goes caput.... get it back the nextday,,, works fine for 4 days... then the darn monitor decides to give it a last breath and then the mouse... so,, thinking the monitor was the reason for things not working, I got a different monitor from Juli,, thanks Juli!... so now that the monitor works the mouse decides its done too. So I took a ride out to get a new mouse,, but guess what,, puter didn't like that mouse... I'm returning it tomorrow, by the way,,, and so I called Juli again,,, and asked if she had a mouse I could have.. thank you again, Julie.. I'm finally up and running... back on the web,, back to facebook... hey,, I was having withdrawal.. and whole affair took all afternoon!!! Give me abreak.!!!

Facebook, here I come!

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