Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Swap Cont,Stamp Club,

To interject between postings.... this card was made at Laura's stamp club last month... she taught us how to make the zigzag piece in the middle. Its pretty simple but hard to explain, and I'm not good at video taping. There are 2 ways to make this zig zag... this is one, using a piece of designer paper, 1inch wide and 12 inches long. On one side of the paper, find the center of the width, (1/2 inch) and draw a line from one end to the other, THen, with a ruler, mark each 1/2 inch on the length on both edges of the length... Next with a pair of scissors, on ONE long edge, make a cut at EVERY OTHER 1/2inch mark all the way down the 12inch length. NEXT, on the other 12inch long side,make a cut along the 12 inch side at every 1/2 inch other mark, NOT AT THE SAME cut on opposite side,
   !       !      !      !
the exclamation points are your cuts on each side.. make sense now? 

Folding is the next,,, take every other corner of each cut and fold it at an angle to the solid line... once you start doing this,, all the way down,, if you flip over the piece of paper your zigzag should look ok...if not go back and fix it or start over at the beginning .

Its easier than it sounds.
The second way it make the zig zag is by using a square punch and just punching out the corners..works either way...

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