Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hamilton Seminar Swaps,

Tea Shoppe stamp set...

I haven't been blogging lately.  Molly  is here everyday,,, keeps me on my toes, and when she's napping I'm usually sitting and resting too.
  Spent my birthday with Molly,, doing the usual... breakfast,on nice days,a walk to store for newspaper, home to play with toys, snacks, nap, lunch, on a nice day, we go to the playground at McKinley school, then home for afternoon nap, it may be a long day for her, but for me the days are flying by. She is a treasure, and I'm glad I get to have her everyday, to watch her grow and spoil her rotten and  send her home to her parents. We have our routine and she is pretty good sticking to it. She's growing so fast,, hard to believe... For my birthday Nick and family came  with chocolate cream pie... yummmy Kaylee and I love whipped cream and chocolate..
Well tomorrow is Monday, and Molly will be back...

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