Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5th Annual Splitcoast event

This was a shoebox project.. so cute,, could be used 
for a "we're moving ' card?

Today, I had the Lovely Little Ms Molly!  Such a sweet heart.  We went shopping to Wegmans... she was so good.... then I realized what time it was and had to head home so daddy could pick her up.  We checked out, and went out to the car...
I hit the remote start and loaded Molly in the back seat and groceries in trunk.
Got in driver seat, and touched the brake so car shut off. 
I proceded to insert key into ignition and it wouldn't turn.
I started car again with remote,
key still wouldn't turn. I did this a few times.. waited tried again, waited, tried again. thinking it had that disable program going on...this took a good 10-15 minutes.
finally, since nothing was working for me
I Called roadside assistance for toyota, but no one answered..except a robot voice that wanted my VIN number.. NOT.
so I called Nick  my son, to come get Molly.
Then I called AAA.... young lady answered.. and I told her my problem.
She said hang on while I ask someone.. (cause I didn't really need towing or anything).
She gets back to me in a minute,, and says, and I quote....
"Insert the key into ignition, and while turning the steering wheel to and fro, hit the key with something hard..about 10 times." my mind said 'HUH?  so I took off my sneaker and proceded with her instructions..while still on phone with her...
. and guess what..
The key turned, the car started,  the tumblers had gotten off balance and need a kick in the pants to straighten them out...
and here comes Nick.
I'm laughing....
the girl is laughing and says"you didn't believe me did you?" NOPE.. not a chance.."
I asked her if this counted as a call for roadside assistance, and she said NO... 
so... Nick took Molly I went home with the groceries and will remember this little trick next time
my car or some one else's car feels like getting
its panties in a twist....
Have a good day!

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