Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This is for Carol. I couldn't get the pics to go thru email,, and since you're a follower... here ya go.
This is the shoebox i have for the event.  the background paper is glittered black and white and grey. ALl the parts for the card are with each piece of black cardstock.. the white paper at center top is the cut out for the stamp and saying, the stamps are on the acrylic block,,

this is the card... we have to make 3 complete cards, 1 for the table as a sample, 1 for display, and 1 for a donation..I made them thank you cards, but the other stampers don't have to use the thank you,they don't have to stampthat part of it... and finish that at home... also, you can barely see the little red dot at the tip of the pen.. a jewel sticky. The cards for the shoebox have to be simple enuf so they can be finished in 10 to 15 minutes....

This is my shoebox... see.. all fits inside.

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