Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Swap of the day

Even tho this is a fathers day card it can be used as a masculine Christmas Card or Birthday or even Thanksgiving!

Well, its November 1,2011!  How time flies... ! Molly is 5 months old,, growing like a weed. She's gurgling and cooing, sleeps all nite, and is trying to pull her self up and trying to roll over..!  Such a cutie pie.

     I've been retired for 5 months, also..that includes the end of school year of course.
And winter is coming... yuck... we loaded up the fireplace and started our first warming up fire over Halloween weekend.  Gonna be a long winter,, I'm hibernating already!

  Gonna start my Christmas cards soon.  I'll probably do a bunch of different ones and repost some of last years too.. and some I received last year too. So keep coming back,

Thanks for looking.

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