Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out of commission/broken leg

Sorry I havent' been posting, I have good reason, tho~

August 4th,,, tuesday,,, 9:30 at nite,
I let the dog out,, and slipped down my lawn.. its a slope.. freaky accident.
I broke my right leg... compound fracture of tibia and fibia..hubby was at cabin,, I heard bones break when I fell, screamed bloody murder til neighbors came out and called hubby to come home, called nick and erin, Nick came in ambulance took me to ECMC... that was the night of the shootings,, one girl was shot 5times.
So i was in e.r. room for 7 hours,, dilaudid and loratabs every 2 hours.. surgery was done at 7am Wednesday morning,,, was in ECMC til Monday 8/10... then went to rehab... til today,,, no weight bearing, ... using walker and home therapy starts soonly,,, had pt and ot in rehab...
can't sit too long in chair,, leg has to be up... won't be back to work til at least November at least... maybe longer, I have doctors appointment tomorrow, will find out more.... pain is manageable.

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