Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1st Sunshine Stampers Summer fest

Beeswax technique! This was demoed at the event.
I'm going to start saving those pretty napkins from parties! This is so easy,, who'd a thunk it.
its very easy,,USE ONLY GLOSSY PAPER

attached is the card we made at splitcoast event last week,,, the demo brought in napkins... flag design..
if the napkin is 2 or 3 ply,, separate the top making it a single layer,
lay the napkin design on your GLOSSY card stock to decide how you want it to look on your paper.
then take your design lay it on wax paper or even plain copy paper,,,
get your little iron heated..
put your hunk of beeswax in an aluminum pie plate....
now using medium hot iron, run it over the beeswax melting it,and then smooth the iron over the design napkin... you'll have to do this a few times to get the napkin all covered with beeswax.

the beeswax hardens quickly,,, you can peel it off the waxpaper/copy paper and put it on your glossy paper... hit it with the iron again, smoothing it on the glossy paper,,, you can fold excess paper over the edge of the glossy paper and seal it with the iron and beeswax....

now attach your design to cardstock using redline tape...

after this one, you're gonna want to start saving those pretty napkins you get at showers/weddings/parties...

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