Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hi All..!!
Like these! So cute huh... Mothers day, Day at the beach and July 4th. The directions called for the big shot box die which I didn't have, but I used envelopes, cut in half, folded sides and bottom and got the little gussett box. other than that, these were all made with the BigShot top note die..Ok, so the umbrella was made with the scallop punch and I had to cut it by hand to make the shape...
Sorry Celeste, I didn't have any sand paper for the beach.
The flowers were made with the big shot build a flower die, and the flag uses 3 colors of top notes... piece of cake.. easy peasy. DOn't know what I'll use them for, but I figured you'd all like to see them anyway.
Nick's friend Gary got us some firewood.. brought in 2 cord so far,, If I'm lucky, we'll have enuf for next winter.... nothing like being prepared... like the grasshopper and the ant.... I'd rather pay him for firewood than national fuel.
Tomorrow!! Back to school!! yuck,,, but only 48 school days left.
the count down starts.

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