Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cricket machine

Ain't this just stinkin' cute!? My friend Celeste made this for me, using her cricket machine. She's so creative... you should see the pirate card invites she made for her son's birthday!
So,, good friend that she is... she cut out all the pieces for me,, and now I have something to play with! AND.. on top of that, she has loaned me her BigKick and dies.... so I've gathered up all my scraps,, and believe me there is a ton of them... and I'm using up all i can with her machine. I guess I'll have to buy her a die or 2 from our a thank you , so I have some more things to play with...he he he! I'm a bad girl!!

ANyway... I'm working on my own little birdie... using the topnote and the birdie,, and other stuff...

Have a great weekend..... ya'll

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