Friday, January 02, 2009

Pocket Silhouettes

This item I kinda CASED. Its a necklace, using the Pretties Kit, Hodpodge Hardward and silver cord. A very easy piece to make. The paper is Bella Rose designer paper. I used crystal effects to adhere it to the hardware tag, then when that was dry, I added a layer of crystal effect to the front of the piece to give it a little shine. Just one more idea from the StampinUP! ® family of demonstrators.

SO, I've been busy this week, stampin' away! I needed some samples for my Sudsol gallery, so I pulled out my Pocket Silhouette Stamp Set and got busy. I found a bunch of cut paper in my stash of pieces that was supposed to be used for Christmas cards, which I never even used, so I figured I start there and i just stamped away.
We had Kaylee overnite for NewYearsEve. Nick brought her over in the afternoon with her Wii. We played, and stamped and watched tv, and finally played wii... I had fun... she let me play a few games by myself.
At midnite, yep she was still awake, we went out side to hear the fireworks, churchbells, and sirens announcing the new year..... called her mom and dad to wish them Happy New Year, and by 12:20am she was out like a lightbulb.
Then she stayed all day NewsYearsDay too,, mom and dad came for dinner and they all were gone by 7pm... for me,, that was a long time with Kay...we had fun..
she's a good girl.....if you ask her " who does the world revolve around?" she'll say" me and gramma!" thats my girl....I'm teaching her early.
Happy NEw YEar All .

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