Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Simple Birthday thanks

During Stampin'UP! 's Birthday Celebration I decided to buy that Simple Birthday thanks stamp. I wasn't too sure what I could do with it...But,, as I was playing around with scrap papers, non-su, sorry, cause I didn't want to waste the good stuff.... I came up with these 2 cards as samples. Its hard for me to think out of the box,,, my left brain doesn't like to work a lot... and I'm very anal retentive about my GOOD STUFF! My initial idea was to make thank you cards for Kaylee, my granddaughter, to use when she receives gifts. But of course, it takes a while for thinking to kick in. This stamp can be used for birthday cards, birthday invitations, and thank you cards! I know, I had a DUH moment there for awhile. Like i said these were samples. I'll get going and make a few using THE GOOD STUFF! I already sold one card to a teacher that needed a thank you ASAP! So, carry on all, while my left brain starts thinking again....and I forget.

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