Sunday, December 07, 2008

I had a small class with Beth yesterday,,, we made boxes, gift card holder, and Christmas cards. And then, after Beth left, I made more Christmas cards. I think I made enuf to fill my Christmas list. Now I just have to get the stamps to mail them out.
I love the topnote die... I don't have the machine, not yet anyway, but I do have a template, and I'm on a roll. The pointsetta's are made with the Doodle This stamp set. I glued and glittered.. and had a good time. I did make quite a few Christmas cards, not all the same either,and most are already in envelopes and addressed.
Friday nite we got a good 5 inches of snow.... big soft flakes. Grampa made a little hill on the front lawn for Kaylee. Kaylee was here today, while Nick and Erin were at work. She had a great time sledding down the front lawn with Grampa pushing her. Playing with the dogs and making her little cubby under my end tables.
Its definetly winter now,, snow on the ground, wind blowing.... wish it were summer.
Hope you all had a great weekend... Christmas is coming you know.

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