Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day After

Hope all had a nice Thanksgiving.!

I have to tell ya'll about mine, tho. Everyone has the Thanksgiving disaster..we had 3.. ok, well 2 were mine. and the first wasn't really a disaster, just a funny happening.

My wonderful daughter in law cooked dinner yesterday,,,, a 22 pound turkey.

6 hours in the oven,,, 8 family members and friends invited.....

The turkey comes out of the oven right on time... sits for about an hour, a nice golden brown, while the sides are being prepared and cooked. I was the nice mother in law, and set the table, helped here and there, and finally to keep my mouth shut,,,(hey, i can do that), I went into the living room to watch a little football, while Erin and her mom finished in the kitchen. About a half hour later I hear,,, "Lizz,,, gramma,,,,Nicks mom,, could you come in here?" So, of course I went into the kitchen,, and there on the platter sat the turkey, hollow. meat falling off the bones, Erin ready to cry saying there's no white meat... its hollow inside... I'm calling the store, 6 hours watching this thing cook, and there's no white meat!!!" Ok,, I'm trying to hold the laughter, being the nice mom in law.
I'm picking the bones off the plate, meat falling off, trying like heck to hold it all in... I called Uncle Dan over, him not knowing why ... and said,, flip the bird over!... yep... not realizing it, Erin cooked the bird breast side down...NOW the laughter comes out.... BUT, I gotta tell ya.... it was the moistest most delicious turkey I've ever had.!! Really!! Ya gotta try it.

Now for my disasters.... since no one wanted dark meat, and who does, I piled it all on a plate to take home. Got some foil to cover it with, and and,and, yep, the plate fall on the floor meat all over..,,, ok, so I pick it up, put it on the plate, clean up the floor, wipe the floor with degreaser and proceed to toss the meat into the garbage... are you ready .... yep,,, i hit the garbage can, but it tipped over and NOW I HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE MEAT, THE GARBAGE AND THE FLOOR AGAIN!!!!!..Needless to say, I have no leftover turkey...!

As for shopping at 3:30am for black friday.. forget it... I couldn't have gotten up even if a bomb went off.

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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