Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hostess benefits now called rewards

I know that everyone knows that when you have a workshop in your home and your total customer sales are over $150.00, as the hostess you are entitled to hostess benefits.
Here comes the BUT!, and its a good BUT!...
When you order from the online catalog and your merchandise total is over $150.00 you are still entitled to hostess benefits, NOW CALLED HOSTESS REWARDS! Cool HUH? Make sure you keep an eye on your total merchandise and if you're close to that 150 mark, just up your purchases and be eligible for more free stuff.
Ain't this just the greatest thing, to be able to order online, pay by credit card, get free stuff,, WITHOUT HAVING A PARTY IN YOUR HOME!...
Of course, you can always call or email me to book your workshop at any time.

I'm scheduling another Christmas Card class in the near future,,, probably after Thanksgiving, before Christmas.....
Hope you can make it to the next one
... I'll post the projects we made last week, some time this weekend. Hi, Ginny and Angie! we had a great time, didn't we!?

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