Saturday, April 12, 2008

UpDate on STAMPIN'UP!®

Did you know that Stampin'UP!®'s sets in the mini catalog are all pre cut? Just pop em out of the rubber template and slap'em on the wood block. How cool is that? At least my hands won't hurt anymore from the cutting of rubber!

Also,, coming soon in the near future---------- Stampin'Up!® will be setting up demonstrators to accept customers credit cards for their orders! So, now I will be able to accept your credit card for any customer order. Previously, I could only take cash or check, because I wasn't set up to accept credit cards with a machine.... hopefully this will help my business. Now How Cool is that?

The current SU Spring/Summer catalog ending date has been extended to August of this year, instead of July 1st. A whole extra month to make a purchase, and of course the retired list will be out before that, so anyone can purchase from that list also.

Our new Fall 08-09 catalog will be out in September and extend to the end of January, when theSpring/summer will be introduced some time in February. I'm hoping these dates are correct..I will check the website again,just to make sure .. and if there are any changes, I'll post.

Thanks for checking in today....and go to Stampin'UP! to check out the new promotion,called Wheelin'

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