Thursday, April 17, 2008

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood... no stamping, just weather related.

As I've said before,,,, spring has sprung here is western New York...! YEAHH!!!
about time!...
High temp today was .... are you ready for it... come on,, you won't believe it!
a HIGH TEMP OF 72 degrees,,,, thats above freezing... come on... sun was out... not a cloud in the sky,,,just a slight breeze.... ! My neighbor and I took a ride down to Angola on the lake.... water temp is in the 40's no ice on the lake... it was a gorgeous day for a ride by the lake,, a walk around the park... outdoor cooking on the charcoal grill.... mmm, mmm, good! what a great day... and tomorrow will be just as nice if not better! YEAH.. again..

My vacation is almost over.... but I'm planning on the upcoming camping season and getting ready for that! Can't wait!

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