Thursday, April 03, 2008

Been a little busy

I've been a little busy lately... haven't been able to post. I've been working on my swap for the Splitcoaststampers Get Together in 3 weeks. I'm almost done,, assembly required, as they say,, the last step.

I also needed to send out some swaps.. return a punch to SU... send a punch part to Veronica's customer, and of course pay bills. Not to mention that last week I got sick, lost my voice, bronchitis, the usual sickness stuff, and spent the weekend watching T.V. ...

And of course.. now i have a black eye.. given to me by the dog. Jeni and I butted heads the other day,, and now I have a lovely purple green yellow eye lid....just need a little eyemake up to cover it.. WIth all the complaining I've done about hubby being retired, I don't think anyone believes the dog did it.

SO,,, I'm going to upload some samples later.. when I get a chance... and maybe I'll be able to start posting again....
Check back later!

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