Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Snoring Jennie the herding dog

This is our 2 year old Australian Cattle dog/blue tick... part dingo, named Jennie. She loves this chair,, and just lounges around with her daddy, my dh. Yesterday, Jennie fell asleep eyes half closed, front teeth sticking out, legs spread... snoring! She's been limping lately,, dh took her to the vet today,, its either her hip or miniscus ligament in her knee.... complete bed rest,, yeah.. a puppy... sure, no prob... she's on pain killers.... and next week is going in for xrays and possible knee surgery... go figure... this oughtta be a trip... can we say cha-ching! open cash register, fork out money..... so we have her on a leash in the house so she can't jump on furniture, or run around and play with smokeyjoe.... she's bored....for a herding dog, thats torture. Gonna be a long recovery ...

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