Saturday, March 08, 2008

Buffalo Blizzard

Hi! Ya'll! So,, anybody seen the weather channel lately!? Yep, they are here in Buffalo, NY standing on frozen Lake Erie....reporting on the blizzard that been attacking us since friday morning!.... This is the one of the few times that the weatherman, has been correct this winter.
I took this picture of my car... sitting in my driveway, this morning at 10am. This was overnite snowfall. Since I had to work yesterday, the snow that fell then was cleared off when I had to head home from staff development. There's about 4-5 inches layered on the car just overnite!.... good thing it's saturday, cause I ain't going anywhere.!!! Not to mention that 'they' are predicting another 6-8 inches on top of what's on the ground now!!.. The Buffalo airport and Toronto, Canada airport have cancelled A LOT of flights coming in and going out!!
Keep your fingers crossed for a snow day on MONDAY!!!! yeah... that would be great.....Can't wait for warm weather and spring!!
SO,,,, with nothing else to do except, hibernate today by eating, sleeping, watching tv.. and OH YEAH,, I forgot....STAMPIN' OF COURSE... I was only funnin' ya... i've already made some cards that I'll upload later....but I gotta make some more... so check back tonite or tomorrow to see how many I've finished!!!
How about a guessing game? Anyone wanna guess how many I'll get done by tomorrow?
send your guesses by just leaving a comment here on my blog. Closest one to the total of finished cards will receive a small sample of Stampin'UP!© double sided designer paper!
So.. make your guess and leave a comment and your name of course.... winner announced Monday nite when I get home from work!

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