Sunday, October 21, 2007

Autumn, WOW

So, Kaylee and I went shopping Friday nite for a baby shower gift. My good friend Nancy, is going to be a gramma for the first time,, so Kaylee and I picked out a few outfits for the new baby. We wrapped 2 cute little boy outfits for the soon to be born little Austin and Kaylee wanted to make a card for Austin. SHe made a very cute card using Baby Announcements.. ummm and I forgot to scan it.! Sorry.... ! Anyway, at the baby shower when the gifts were opened, the expectant mom announced that the gifts were from Kaylee and her gramma. Kay was so excited when I told her... she couldn't come with me, because she went apple picking with her mom and friends. Kaylee will be getting a thank you card from parents. She'll be so impressed.

October is almost over. The Bills won a game, yahoo... not that I'm a real fan, but I do care once in awhile. THe weather here is awesome. Its around 70 degrees today... an unheard temperature for this time of year..... but I love the warm weather.

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