Thursday, August 09, 2007

Where did summer go?........................

So, here it is... August! Can you believe it? Where did the summer go???.

I can tell you where it went and what I did, but hey,, the only thing I've really done, is STAMP!
A demo friend went to convention in Denver the end of July. So, of course, I had to make cards for swapping. And the swaps I got back...... WOWZER!.... quite a few are so cool... sliders, hidden messages, different folds! I love them all.
Anyone hosting a workshop/party during the fall quarter will get to pick 3 cards out of my stash of swaps....
As soon as I can I'll take some pics of the cards and upload them to my blog....
Last Friday afternoon, August 3rd, Nick, Erin, Kaylee and I went to Wendt Beach... and of course Channel 4 was there asking sunbathers what they thought of the County not having money for life guards. And anyone knowing my son, NICK,,(formerly known as "our NICK")
was doing his BIG MAN ON THE BEACH routine..... cracking me up..thinking that he wasn't going to be on film, but . all the while the camera was running,,, they got him sitting on the life guard perch with Kaylee....then during my interview our NICK was doing his tuff guy routing behind the camera, cracking me up.......!
The clip aired friday afternooon during 5pm news.... I was laughing so hard, I couldn't even watch the clip.

Nick and Erin are currently in the Florida Keys on their honeymoon.... southern most tip of the islands.... they did have car trouble on their way down, but managed to get things straightened out rented a car and got to the hotel intime. While they've been touring the islands I've been babysitting my darling little granddaughter.... she's a doll, except I'm exhausted entertaining her!

On to Stampin!
I'm working on more swaps for Hamilton Ontario regional seminar. I'll post those too.

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